Commercials and feature film*
director, David Kellogg shot the second of two new spots for American Express and its representing agency, Ogilvy & Mather in Arizona this October.

Earlier, Rome and the Isle of Capri were utilized as locations for the first commercial, "Jim". Arizona was selected – over Hawaii, Mexico, Palm Springs, Jackson Hole and Santa Fe – as the backdrop for the second spot, "Easy Street". Sites were chosen from the red rock country and Sonoran desert areas of the state.

This four week project, for myself, was a welcome break from the production recession that has hit the commercials industry hard in southern California these past few years – and has been absolutely devastating to service providers working and residing everywhere outside of the production Center-Of-the-Universe, Los Angeles. (Thank God for photographers and print campaigns!)

This is a gallery of my favorites
from the weeks of scouting I provided here in Arizona for the project.

David Kellogg is part of Anonymous Content, a commercials and music video production company in Los Angeles. *David Kellogg directed Inspector Gadget (1999) and Cool As Ice (1991).

10 '03


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