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mikael therer pictures

I have struggled for years trying to find something 'right' to utilize the amazing gift 'immersive photography' offers the picture-maker. I still have some ideas of my own, experimentations I may one day explore; but today, RIGHT NOW Mickael Therer provides the world one of the most compelling testaments of hope I have ever seen in his pictures here – Medecins Sans Frontieres' efforts in Mali to combat malnutrition and malaria, their work in Mozambique with HIV AIDS. You are there.
If ever was a more stunning example of photography-as-window onto the world, as unobtrusive 'fly on the wall', I have not yet seen it. Bravo.

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knowledge links are below
pro digital imaging website Steve Burger is the person who best taught me how to make friends with Photoshop. You will learn from him to transform simple files into stunning prints.
steelid website Don Giannatti designed my first location scouting website (1998). By conversation, at presentations he has made, in posts on a local photographers' list or on his blog, an electronic magazine he publishes, I learn something new and important from this man each and every time.
ads of the world site A compendium of mostly print ads, some broadcast ads, updated several times a week. Inspirational! ('Who did dat?!')
applelinks All things Apple-related
a national public radio report on credit rating companies Elizabeth Warren: On what everyone needs to understand about credit reports and the credit agencies that produce them. SEE this also.
the gigapixel project The Gigapixel Project. More here.
kuler from adobe Learn about Adobe's Kuler
body of war feature on pbs One story from the Bush-Cheney War WATCH THIS FILM!
the iraq war body count Details. Details. Details...
the cost of war commentary The cost of war
an hdr tutorial A HDRI tutorial from Trey Ratcliff
photomatix software here Photomatix: HDR software to build spectacular HDRI's
the arizona production association The Arizona Production Association
about lens protection About protecting your lenses with quality glass filters
the united states library of congress collection of panoramas The United States Library of Congress' collection of panoramic photographs.
the mortgage meltdown report How the 'mortgage meltdown' affects everyone
dslr sensor conversions LifePixel Infrared Conversions: Company optimizing image sensors to make infrared photographs with standard DSLR cameras
the luminous landscape site A wealth of information about digital imaging
all things digital photo photo community
photographers rights

Know your legal rights as a photgrapher

layers magazine online tutorials Layers magazine's online series of tutorials: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, AfterEffects, Lightroom, Acrobat & Digital Photography (LOTS more here!)
adobe blog for all things photoshop portal
pixelgenius site PixelGenius: Spectacular digital photography software created by some of the industry's leading experts. These guys are the Real Deal!
nik software nik Software: My favorite image editing plug-ins
radientvista site The Radient Vista: Thoughtful critiques, great tutorials and more
a blog post about flash websites 'What the hell is it with photographers?' A great rant by Don Giannatti regarding Flash-only photographer sites.
rocketboom Smart. Wacky. News and commentary from the anti-Barbi, Joanne Colan
russel brown website The Russell Brown Show: Don't you miss it!
blog post about photographers as terrorists 'Are Photographers Really A Threat?' an essay
sensor cleaning process A tutorial: How to clean D-SLR sensor screans
seth godin blog Seth Godin's blog: Read, learn. Think different! (Sorry Bwana-Steve. You're not the only one.)
interesting post by penelope dullughan 'The Leap': An essay by Penelope Dullughan (SEE her work above; link in Artists section)
this is texture nirvana Texture Nirvana
the turning gate blog Some useful, interesting Lightroom Web presentation templates here (I build my own though)
maps Maps!
wikipedia Wikipedia: The people's encyclopedia
digital printing and imaging resource Digital Printing & Imaging
Archives of a photo mag I get...
zoe design studios Zoe Studios: Spectacular painted environments – home, public spaces. Wonderful work here!
'Taxi to the Darkside': In OUR name! (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Michael Moore is an A-hole too, right?) Wrong!
torture team 'Torture Team: Rumsfeld's Memo and the Betrayal of American Values' by Philippe Sands (< Watch the interview. Learn.)
displaced iraqis Displaced Iraqis: Collatoral damage – How we treat our friends! (Once again, in our name!) Foto essay by Lori Grinker
jerusalem countdown 'Jerusalem Countdown' – John Hagee, CUFI and 'Christian Zionism'.
iousa film For all the 'One Issue' voters. Guess what?!
porn for profit documentary In the belly of the beast!
all sorts of stuff
the official wiki of prime dickheads A wiki of dicks! Really. Dick Cheney and others...
great ambient music Digitaly Imported – Web radio (Other great streams here – at DI-FM – as well!)
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midwest teen sex show The Midwest Teen Sex Show – Got questions?
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a story of real american patriots True patriots – of the world, as well as of America. At last, men best representing this country to the world!
cool t shirts About Threadless: T-shirt democaracy – design a t-shirt; the people vote!
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