my sketchbook page

the desert through a screen door party time moon rise royal crown cola production still an old spanish mission ruin
cactus kitchen and dining room a production still red rocks flowered dress

A few directors I have worked with – mostly from 15 or more years ago now – were memorable to me for a number of reasons I won't wax-on about here for you to plod through.

There were two things I always liked about working with Jim Manera in particular. One were his treatments, sometimes multiple pages of thought-pictures he would hand me as a guide to find him what he wanted. Then, he was one of several guys who always wanted me to 'shoot it up'. They wanted me to get out there and make pictures, show them what I saw as I traveled they might consider for the ideas constantly percolating inside.

I often took a second camera with me to shoot my own stuff – if something came along while searching for the project, happenstance. Some of that is here. Some of these pictures are exercises in lighting I thought of by watching gaffers illuminate pictures they were collaborating on. (You don't make much as a set-P.A. but you sure can come away with quite a bit extra if you pay attention!)

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