Easier Said Than Done


There has never been a time where the challenge of budget has been more at play than now.

Sure, I could have written that back in the early 90's as well – even in the 1980's, as my little production service was just beginning to take off with projects working for any number of A-List commercials production companies – 80% of the time it was 'Sorry, but we've just been handed a pretty slim budget to work with here...' And now, just in the past 5 or 6 years I keep getting 'Do you have it in your files?' This to start the conversation – even before getting booked!

With the price of fuel increasing at the trajectory it has – with no top in sight – as I write this mid-2008, the cost of travel alone (people, equipment, motorhome and grip truck) must now create The New Great Debate in advertising, considering whether or not to simply come up with a new dynamic altogether for promoting goods and services to the masses. Why, I can remember when it used to be more cost effective to shoot on location rather than to build sets on a stage and hire computer-gods to sweeten things in post! Perhaps it is more, today, that a photographer needs to be instead the Maya magician, a film director even-more the multi-proficient Master Of All disciplines in order to conduct a smaller ensemble creating reality within a suite of applications – locations, actors, music – all pulled from thin air, zero's and one's.


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