I am NOT a Location Scout/Producer/Casting Director/Caterer/Moho Driver/P.A./Financial Advisor/Travel Agency/Whatever-else-I-can-pack-into-my-resume Production Service. I am a Location Scout and Location Manager who happens to also be a photographer. (I do my own photo illustrations-as-art on the side.)

I don't want to be a producer. After listening from the back seat of production vans over the decades, to countless directors and producers and photographers bemoan The Budget and The Agency and The Client and The ('insane') Schedule, about weather and delays and everything-else-in-the-world-that-keeps-you-guys-up-at-night, I've gotta say, I don't know how – I don't want to know how – you guys do it! After decades in production I have decided I will act as a producer's or photographer's coordinator, your out-of-town/on-the-road handler. That's it.

As a photo producer, a rep who is doubling-as a producer, a photographer's studio manager handling all his or her productions in-house or if you are another scout who is also working as producer, you have enough on your hands already figuring out how to 'rob Peter to pay Paul' on this one, to juggle (budget) lines, make-work what came in as a firm budget – even though it keeps growing additional must-have's not in the original brief, but like a salamander keeps growing extra legs – to help make sure that everything is in place, on time and that The Man won't have to worry about anything but making pictures with The Agency breathing down his back on each setup.

As I am traveling, looking for and confirming with new pictures what I expect to find by way of my years' traveling and scouting, I will be keeping an eye out for clean and comfortable accommodations you can book for the production, advise you on what airport(s) to book flights into and obtain rental vehicles out of, check out local restaurants as I go between scouting and shooting, all while editing and posting so you can keep everyone involved happy as they prep to shoot The Ad.

I put together Federal, State and Tribal permits and I negotiate fees with private property owners. I used to work in the Art Department so I can help secure project-specific props on the fly and build stuff during production if need be. (Let me know if I need to pack my tools.)

So, how may I contribute to making your ideas a reality while saving your production money?

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