In A Blink Of The Eye –
A Resume Of Sorts for Michael Maersch

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for over twenty years now. All the miles, all those pictures, all the wacky stories, people, schedules, adventures.

Traveling throughout the west, eyes-open to the heart of America just across the tracks and off solitary highways only locals and truckers drive, I see old homesteads vanishing; like bleached cows' bones, each season less and less remains of 'Anttie Em's farm'. Sorry Dorothy. But still there are quirky little towns off the beaten path and weather-weary billboards leaning bow-legged in cornfields. Each summer driving back to Wisconsin from my home here in Arizona I find jewels scattered along my path.

What a wonderful life, helping filmmakers and photographers locate their perfect road, a more breathtaking landscape, the right “funk” when I’m asked to come up with a “funky old bar”; what a kick to be hired specifically by some clients to, in a sense, collaborate on their projects.

The summer of 1991 I had the opportunity to work on a film being made in Denmark because I was able to understand the essence of what the filmmakers were intent on having to work with in order to best tell their story. The production designer, a life-long resident of Copenhagen, shook his head one day as we were reviewing my latest finds and said, “I have lived here my entire life, walked past these apartments and alleys a thousand times and never saw this until you hand me

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