party time

Back in 1986 I was still thinking about eventually becoming a shooter and doing print ads. I was working on teevee commercial productions in the art department while still assisting photographers in the studio and on location here in Phoenix. I had the opportunity to watch how filmmakers lit their pictures, SO DIFFERENTLY than how the photographers I assisted here were doing in their work: all strobes/white light, no gels – except for color effects; at the time only one guy was using 'hot' lights to illuminate the architectural renderings he specialized in – that was it here.

I thought to combine what I was learning from the gaffers I observed along with strobes to freeze the moment, perhaps play with a bit of slow shutter to 'ghost' the action, try to make a moving still picture.

So I found an old abandoned house out in the desert, cleaned out years-worth of party trash and repainted only what I knew would be sets. I contacted a local fashion rep and asked if I might utilize some of their new girls who might want some something new for their books and traded-out their time for pictures. I worked with them more, I thought, as 'a director' explaining what each setup would be about and then let things unfold in front of the camera.

These young gals – and my buddy Paul who is always up for some fun – along with another good friend of mine who was just breaking-in to the business as a photo stylist, we all went at it out in the middle of nowhere and made some terrific pictures that weekend.


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