an old spanish mission ruin

When I first started making panoramas to give directors a better sense of what the entirety of a given site was like I held my camera level as I snapped-away left to right. However, one day I noticed it might be better to pan-up or down as I moved across the series because of what was in the viewfinder at the time.

I recall the first meeting I brought in a bunch of these offset pans for a director's presentation in an L.A. production office. 'What the f--k is this shit? Can't you hold the camera level?!' Well, you don't argue with the Right Hand of God (and expect to 'work in THIS town again') so I bit my tongue. Besides, if you have to explain 'why' to a creative individual they're just not going to Get It anyway.

Almost all my panoramas are offset's now, and when I'm REALLY feeling in an artsy-fartsy mood – when I'm doing my work only – sometimes I don't even overlap one frame over the other at all! (OMG!!!)


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