July 2010 email 'postcard' to photo producers, assignment photographers and artists agents

texas alley

I used to create a 10-15 picture web gallery to go along with one of these single-frame picture 'postcards' I send out as periodic email promotions – but not anymore! (That is, I'm not building any additional web galleries as industry promotions: Tweaking photos, designing a gallery, etc... Time, time, TIME!)
THAT's why I designed my site as it exists already, a photo gallery of location ideas! (DOH.)

CLICK HERE or on the picture to go to my Location Scouting Services site & more pictures.


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BTW, a friend of mine asked me "What's with the photo's title?" I told her I was listening to Drive-By Truckers' Brighter Than Creation's Dark album while editing the illustration. Just seemed an appropriate title at the time – whatever. mm