Tattoo You


As I move with haste and purpose in my work now focused on building a portfolio of images worthy for consideration as a photo retouch ‘artist’ by other professionals I have come upon a terrific website created by Aaron Nace and a group of his young compadres working out of Chicago, Phlearn, to nudge me along the path…

One of his tutorials explains how to “transfer” a tattoo from one photo to another. (I thought “OK, cool. Now isn’t it possible a client one day in the future may come to me with a ‘tattoo’ graphic they created-found-whatever and wanted it placed upon an individual of their choosing? THIS might be a worthy exercise to spend a bit of time with…”)

So I utilized one of my Fotolia (stock photo) downloads – a woman with a most sumptuous back as my "canvas" – and an interesting vector graphic; then put a bit of a spin on Aaron’s original directions to produce THIS.


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