i'm not so happy about this

Well the local-yocal Chamber of Commerce Growth-At-Any-Expense cheerleaders have won!

When I moved to Phoenix 26 years ago (1981) it was a bright-eyed small town with clean air, clean streets and wide open spaces. I moved here, in part, because many of the folks I had run into while on past visits seemed to have Big Ideas. They were optimistic and 'visionary' (= they had dreams and aspirations and were determined to make their dreams come true).

But, in that I don't spend time down at The Big Boys Barnyard Trough I wasn't aware that much of the vision-thing festering at that swine-feed was blind ambition and lust to have it all at others' expense. (I've always found it tragically comic that an individual might proove his 'good Christian values' credentials by spearheading a heroic anti-pornography campaign over several decades, then rape the Sonoran Desert with his 'developer' delusions of grandeur and rabid lust for unbridled wealth, then on to consciously destroy the lives of thousands through his amoral leadership in the historic fraud perpetrated over the massive Savings and Loan disaster of the 1980's. Good Christian indeed!) By contrast, so many of the regular folks I had met here were the sort of individual I had grown up with back in the Midwest, honest and respectful of others and determined to always do The Right Thing.   

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Anyway, over the decades I have been asked to show filmmakers and photographers Phoenix's version of the L.A. city lights sprawl one can marvel at from an assortment of overlooks there. A recent client sent me this Griffith Park view as reference asking what we might have to offer for a print ad they were going to produce for Seimens.

griffith park view

I hadn't been up to the spot I had in mind for nearly 5 years and it had always been a bit of a stretch, trying to compete with that classic L.A. view. However, I was amazed this evening at how Phoenix has indeed become an anthill as well – not quite Los Angeles yet (thank God) but most certainly well on its way to becoming 'Losangephoenix'!


oi vey