If you take the time to read “…25 Pieces of Juicy Filmmaking Knowledge”, substituting “photographer” or “image editor” in much of what Mr. Deakins is sharing by way of his years’ experience as a cinematographer (the man or woman who essentially creates “the look” of a motion picture project from behind the camera), you will likely return with a bit of affirmation on how it is you do your own work while finding his observations may challenge you to look at both process and goals differently moving forward.

I especially appreciated his addressing the growing trend with so many of us consecrating our endeavor as “Art” – with photographers it’s most likely to be labled “Fine Art” though it is more accurately “personal work” or “my vision” (for godssake let others label it “Art”), formulas for success and the stresses involved while working in an environment that expects (demands) perfection and solutions to others’ creative decisions all in an instant. Juicy stuff.

Some of my favorite films Roger Deakins was Director of Photography for:


the reader

no country for old men

a beautiful mind

the big lewbowski


the secret garden


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