RoundWorld is published by Michael Maersch.

Since 1984 I have been providing filmmakers and photographers a variety of location services from my home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Over the years my service set has evolved to include location scouting with digital cameras, uploading temporay client sites to my server. (SEE an example here...)

In 2002 I began to experiment with building seamless panoramas using various camera/tripod configurations. The work you see here on RoundWorld – as Quicktime VR animations and "flat" 360°s – are constructed with 10 to 14 single image captures. I render them in a "stitching" program and often add a bit of spit and polish later in Photoshop to make the site appear to you, the viewer, more like what I saw when I made the pictures. (Digital "film" isn't perfect.)

  The contents of RoundWorld break down like this...

- The Front Page

- Page 2: (Story continued from The Front Page) on   how Quicktime VR's are helpful to the director and   the cameraman.

- Page 3: An immersive photography portfolio.   Quicktime VR (animated) images are refered to as   "immersive photography" because they put the   viewer "inside" a site. Unlike video footage, the   visitor is able to navigate throughout the the site   recorded as you please. You can look left or right,   zoom-in or zoom-out as you choose. The viewer   controls their experience.

- Page 4: (Story continued from the front page) on   the utility of Quicktime VR's and "flat" renderings   to the production designer.

- Page 5: "Light studies" examples here.

- Page 6: This page provides a link to download the   Quicktime Viewer (Version 6) required to view these   animated panoramas. There is a brief introduction   to the mediaviewer, Quicktime and some links to   some other Quicktime content.

- Page 7: The Masthead. You are here.

- Page 8: "Cool Stuff" – links to various sites and   artists whose work I admire.

- Page 9: How to construct a printed, "flat"   panorama on your desktop printer.

- Page 10: Examples of how I can format the viewer   window to your specifications.

If you experience any problems with this site; if you have a comment or criticism or you need something explained a bit more, please feel free to contact me here.

Or call, 602-225-3737                          Michael Maersch

  BTW, have a look at my original site, The Mythic   West. I still do location scouting with single images   and multiple frames pasted together, either 35mm   or digital. mm