This top set illustrates how three "letter" size sheets of paper (8.5" x 11"/216mm x 279mm) will make the key/reference panorama.  Each page, after trimming to the left image-edge, will overlap the preceding page.  I have included just a little bit of the previous tile along the left side of both the "MIDDLE tile" and the "RIGHT tile" so that your overlapping paste-up leaves no white paper underneath where you join the image tiles.

  The bottom set illustrates three "letter size" pages that, when pasted together, will make a version for you to do your sketches on. Reduced to 50% or 60% opacity of the original, your pencil or pen lines will be more clearly discernible on this worksheet image.  I recommend that you print on any hard, smooth non-glossy paper surface to achieve the optimum work print.  A paper labeled as "laser copies" stock is generally the hardest and smoothest surface before you get to "photo quality" papers. I have found that Exact Color Copy cover stock, available in both 60lb. and the slightly heavier 80lb. paper, best to work with. Its hard, smooth surface prints detail faithfully and takes pencil drawings like a fine bond paper and the heavier weight of this cover stock is prefered over standard weight papers. I am able to purchase this product locally at Paper Plus in Mesa, Arizona. Try the process yourself with this PDF file...

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