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I am an artist, photographer and designer.

Inspired by Robert Rauschenberg's early photo-transfer lithographs and screen prints I jumped at an opportunity to work in the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee's darkroom making large format transparencies for fellow printmakers in the Art program there. By way of experimentation with the Department's massive process camera and an unlimited supply of litho film I produced a series of abstract, almost Rorschach-like silkscreen prints between 1973 and 1976 distilled from selections of an extensive, young man's obsession with and collection of 'girlie magazines'.

After graduation at the university I invested in a Yashica 35mm SLR camera along with several inexpensive after-market lenses and began shooting what I saw through the viewfinder: 'flat' abstractions – details of the industrial city I grew up in (Milwaukee), things-new I saw while traveling in south Florida and the first bits of a life-long series of shop windows: Their reflections and collections of food, fashion, knick-knacks and such.

In 1984 I began to provide 'location scouting' services to filmmakers and photographers, an opportunity I landed while assisting commercial photographers in Arizona as a freelance indentured servant (as a photographer's assistant). I have designed all but my initial (company's) websites, consistently rejecting the whiz-bang glitz of Flash-generated content for the most basic of animated elements used sparingly to guide visitors through my online presentations. Though assured of the importance to engage and seduce the viewer with a visual sirens song (after all, we are living in the world of 'web_v2' these days) I strive to hold to the wisdom of 'K-I-S-S' (Keep it simple Stupid!) in my work.

Today my photo illustrations are generated in a dry darkroom – my office workstation – utilizing computer, software and ink-jet printer instead of a 4x5 enlarger and wet, smelly chemicals that used-to chew-up layers of skin on my fingertips. (I never was a 'tong'-kinda-guy in the darkroom. You know, 'Fingers were made before forks'.)

I have been working in Photoshop since Version 5 and have incorporated Adobe's Lightroom application as an integral starting point in my personal and location scouting projects since its introduction in 2007.



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