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workshop with michael maersch

Workshop Overview:  

     - What is Lightroom?
     - Workflow.

- The Modules: Library|Develop|Slideshow|Print|Web
- Creative use of Lightroom

The first part of the day will be spent introducing attendees to Lightroom – how it is related to Photoshop while being an indispensable, stand-alone application in itself photographers will want to use before and after pixel editing in Photoshop; a comprehensive introduction to each of the five modules that make up Lightroom and recommended workflow options, from digital capture to picture presentation.

The balance of the day will be spent exploring how to use Lightroom as an essential tool in every photographer's artistic endeavors – creative, non-destructive image editing in the Develop module and designing sophisticated presentations to export as prints, animated slideshows or web content.

Attendees will receive a CD at the end of the workshop with the day's content re-presented along-with additional information for further exploration and understanding.


About Michael Maersch. MORE about Lightroom...


Dates & Sites:

Boise, IdahoSaturday, December 5th 2009 – See HERE.


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