2) Select the Type tool from the toolbar (it looks like a captial "T") and click inside the document window. Select a font you would like to use with your image-stamp. (I think a bolder typeface like Arial Black, Capitals, Charcoal, Impact and Swiss 721 Extended, among others, work best in this case. Experiment to choose what you like best.) Select a type size that will fit the Copyright symbol (©) and your name, your site address or email address (if it isn't too long) all within that 640 pixel-wide document. If it all doesn't fit when you finish typing scale-down by selecting all of what you just typed and then choosing a smaller font size from the drop-down window in the Type tool Options bar up-top.

font-design options

Here's a tip: In order to make the Copyright (©) symbol on a Mac type Option + G. On a PC you have two options: type Ctrl + alt + C or alt + 0169.

After you try several font styles choose one you like best and get rid of whatever else you have inside this white window. (Delete the layers with alternative versions by dragging them each onto the trashcan icon at the bottom of the Layers window.)

Now to make your stamp-brush...

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