Back in 2003 I was at a presentation where attendees were told "You just gotta have a blog. If you're a photographer make it a fotoblog. Oh yeah, and don't forget to post every day – or as often as you can..." I don't have time to post every day.

As you can see here I can't seem to find the time to post every month! But from time-to-time I'll put something here – a project I particularily enjoyed, a job that provided some interesting pictures, bits of my art work, a tutorial, whatever. Check it all out.


- "Responsive" design/'fluid-width' Web Galleries now in Lightroom CC

- A complete re-design of my Phoenix Lightroom Enterprise 'Home' page

- Photo Essay: 2015 Honor Walk (for our Veterans and their families)

- My "Skunkworks" gallery of images (and commentary).

- Roger Deakins, 25 Pieces of Knowledge...

- NEW 2015 CD "jewel" case calendars for you to build gifts for clients, family and friends. (TOP-link here downloads new zip file there.)

- Example of single-image REALISTIC-looking HDRI possible using both Lightroom and the Nik Collection's "HDR Efex Pro" together...

- At last! The first photo composite illustration I can feel comfortable "hanging my hat on"...

- Some FREEBIE Textures from Michael Maersch for you to download and utilize in your Photoshop compositing work!

- "Inspiration": For much of my work, most especially my photography IT'S PAINTINGS!

- One of my "First Try's" in Photo Retouching...

- A most fragile and surreal landscape in Arizona

- How to build a 2014 CD "jewel" case calendar! (A Resource page: Lightroom template, calendar pages, movie tutorials and calendar examples.)

- Lightroom & Photoshop Tips and Tutorials

- Slideshow and explanation of Lightroom's "Virtual Copies".

- July 2010 email promo

- My academic 'letter of introduction'

- A 'Butch Cassidy'-inspired Fashion Project

- My Adobe Lightroom workshop (Artwork galleries here)

- Volkswagon 'Blue Motion'

- My Resume (PDF)

- Relaunch Press Release


- A Wild Hare

- Road Trip! The Goldmine Tour

- ID Brush Tutorial

- Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona

- Sony PlayStation

- Nieman Marcus Jewelry/Accesories Catalog Photo-shoot

- WearGuard

- WWP Summer Solstice event

- Harley Davidson photo shoot

- AMEX commercial

- Netherlandsbank


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